Scatter HoldEM Poker

Every once in a while you simply need to change up the classics. So if you love to play poker, try your luck while training your skills at the same time with the Scatter HoldEM Poker. This game lets you play poker as you know it, but with some added excitement in the form of exciting graphics letting you navigate through a fantasy world.


You can download Scatter HoldEm Poker both on your iPhone or Android device for free. It’s easy and quick plus you immediately get 6 million (!) chips to start with. Yes, that’s a lot. Like that isn’t enough yet, you’ll keep receiving free chips every hour. Playing this game you get access to a map, which will lead you to adventures in various fantasy worlds. As you move up a level, new challenges will present itself and stuff will even get more thrilling.


Other fun stuff

One of the things that makes this app different is the fact that you can invite friends, personalize your avatars and express your mood of the day with different emoji’s. Like we already sit: this app is all about experiencing a thrilling adventure, but it’s also an opportunity to connect with your friends and get together in the ever exciting virtual world of Scatter HoldEm Poker. Last but not least, this app has the option to share a so called magic elixir with your friends. Well, if that doesn’t make the game fun, I don’t know what would!

Download the app quick and easy, take place at the table and show them what you’re made of.


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