Royal Derby

Get ready for a big day at the races! Play Royal Derby on your mobile device today and you could race to major winnings.

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Royal Derby mobile

You can play this app for free or for real money prizes at a few mobile casinos:

Best places to play Royal Derby:

All Slots Mobile
Jackpot City

Royal Derby is a addicting gambling game that will have you jumping out of your seat as you cheer on your horse. This graphic rich game feels just like being at the track. The first thing you’ll do is look over all of the horses and the jockeys see who you like in the race. On this first screen, you can also view the weather conditions and the state of the racetrack (also known as “the going”). The first screen also has the odds and payouts for each winning horse.


Click on the horses to read about their performance record in different weather conditions and to learn what their strong and weak points are. If you like what you see, place your wager on that horse. Now, you can always just pick the horse that looks the coolest and ignore all the detailed data, but why not get the best advantage! Horse betting was never more easy.

Place a real money bet

One of the best parts of the Royal Derby mobile app is the different ways you can place your bet. You must first put down a “Stake,” which means the amount of your wager. Secondly, you can then select your “Bet Type,” which can be one of a couple options. Placing a bet “To Win” will allow you to pick the horse you think will come in first place. Pick correctly and you win the full payout tied to that horse. Place a bet “Each Way” and you will make a combination Win and Place bet on the race. This means that if your horse comes in first place, you win the full payout tied to that horse, but if your horse comes in second place (this would mean that he “Places”), you still get a payout. The place payout is smaller, but it’s still substantial.

Bet on your favorite horse

After you’ve made your “Stake” and “Bet Type” picks on one horse, you can then choose to bet on another horse if you want to. The options are endless in Royal Derby!

After you’ve placed your bets, watch as the action begins! Cheer on the horses as they round the track. Pick the favorites or pick the long shots, either way you will have a blast and hopefully a winning day at the racetrack!

Royal Derby
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