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Solitaire has been a popular online game since forever. If you liked playing solitaire (or Patience as it is also called) on your computer, chances are you will probably like it on your smartphone as well. The Solitaire app by MobilityWare offers you the most common form of solitaire: Klondike. You can choose to play single and triple-draw solitaire.

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The game itself is fairly simple compared to lots of other games out there: we won’t go too deep into the gameplay and rules of Solitaire in general, but here it is in short: Klondike solitaire is played with a 52-card deck of standard playing cards (no jokers). You have to deal one upturned card (from the pile on the left) and then deal six downturned cards. Now deal an upturned card (on the left-most downturned pile on top of the downturned cards), and downturned cards on all the rest. Repeat until all piles have an upturned card on them. That’s basically it.If you are new to the game, then the “Show Me How to Win” feature is a real plus. This feature shows you how the game you are currently in can be won. If you are really stuck and don’t know how to win this game, this fresh feature helps you learn a new trick or two for future games.

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MobilityWare has significantly improved what is already a classic game, by giving the user more control than ever before.

Download the app from the iOS store today to play this classic game for yourself, or enjoy the unique online feature that pits you against other players the world over in real time. Be it a friend or a total stranger, compete to complete the same hand in the shortest amount of time.

Daily Challenge feature

With this Solitaire App, you will receive a different challenge every day with the Daily Challenge feature, and upon completion of the challenge you will be awarded a crown. The more crowns you win, the higher a chance you have of winning a trophy at the end of the month.

Winning deal feature

The winning deal feature is utterly fantastic. It deals a hand to you that has at least one winning solution. With the handy “show me how to win” feature, the app walks you through the hand to find the winning solution. With the Apple Game Centre enabled, you will be able to compare your solitaire skills with other players from around the globe and compete for the top spot on the leaderboard.

Solitaire Mobilty Ware iPhone

MobilityWare was honoured by Apple in their 2010 Rewind list for this game which supports both tap-to-move and drag and drop features. Toggle between portrait and landscape orientations and be confident in the handy auto-save feature that saves your game when you get interrupted by a call or text. This is an app that you should have on your Apple device.


One of the best features of this solitaire app is the automatic save function. Finally, we can play a game of solitaire that can be interrupted without consequences for the game itself. Need to open the door? Walk the dog? Make a Phone call? The games auto-save funtion ensures that you can easily come back to the same game. Which is perfect when you are playing on your mobile Phone or tablet on lets say the train or subway. Reached your destination? Just close your iPad and when you are ready to come back the game, just open the app again. Great for a quick few moves when you don’t have enough time.

Challenge friends

Solitaire by Mobilityware connects to Game Center. Compete with your friends (and total strangers from all over the world) and see how your score ranks in comparison. This feature makes the game all the more challenging and will keep you coming back for another quick game just to raise your score to the leaderboards. Add to that that Mobilityware has included lots of Achievements to unlock, and you have a solitaire game that will be hard to put down.

Solitaire app review
It goes without saying that MobilityWare has created a very nice, simple and easy version of this old game for iPhone and android users. Mobilityware has integrated an easy drag-and-drop method to play this game on your Phone or tablet. Just use your finger to move a card and place it into a stack or pile. And it’s available for Blackberry and Windows (Phone) owners as well. It’s not a free app, you can get is for €0,89/ $1 in the Stores. Which we have to admit is a very low price for an app that is frankly very good.

It’s a very good looking solitaire app in which the player has a lot of options to choose from, for example selecting different background colors, or downloading a custom background from your own Photo library. With over 20 custom options for the deck of cards, selectable viewpoints and more, this solitaire game is easy to use, and fun to play, for both experienced solitaire players and beginners.

Solitaire by MobilityWare does what it needs to do: offer players a smooth and fast solitaire experience. Lots of customizable features make this app a real keeper on our smartphone!

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