Unibet Social Betting

Unibet developed this app with the intention to combine betting and social sharing. The idea behind the app is that you can bet on the outcome off any sportsevent, and then share that bet with your friends through populair social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Betting on sports

The main aim of this app is having fun while betting on the outcome of sports events, such as soccer- and baseballmatches, tennisgames, races and any other sportsgame you care to mention. It’s not a real money betting app!

Sharing your bets

Ofcourse this is an interesting concept: it would betting with your friends much faster, fun and especially more easy, because of the notifications of upcomings sportsevents, and ofcourse the possibility of betting with close friends eventhough they are far away.

In a way Unibet succeded in their goal: the app does provide you with interesting news on upcoming sportsevents, and the sharing of bets does work as it is supposed to. I do however keep having the feeling that it just doesn’t take the fun of betting to a new level by having it available on your mobile phone.

Social Betting app versus Unibet Mobile Casino

Which is strange, when you look at Unibet’s normal Mobile Casino. This mobile app (downloadable simply by your browser) is a much better option in our opinion, because it is much easier to place bets, play casino games and make real deposit bets (and earn prizes) with your own account.

screenshot Unibet Social Betting


So in conclusion the Unibet Social Betting App is nice, but nothing special. If you want easy, safe and fun sporstbetting on your mobile phone, be it iPhone, blackberry or android, you might be much better of with Unibet’s Mobile Casino app, which is available for free as well.

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