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One of the best parts of the app stores available on your mobile devices is the amount of choices you have when it comes to awesome games. When you are a casino game aficionado, there can be loads of apps that you have to download in able to have all of your favorites available on your phone and tablet, which can be a bit of a headache. Or you can just download the Big Fish Casino app by Big Fish Games! This all-encompassing casino app has everything you’d find in a real casino – Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Texas Hold ‘Em, and tons more! Like the original word creation poker variant.

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$3.000 welcome bonus +28 Free spins (No Deposit required!)
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$1.000 welcome bonus + $28 Free Spins(No Deposit required!)
Directs you to the Official App in the store or Mobile site, depending on your Device and Country
0,2 BTC welcome bonus + 30 Free Spins
Directs you to the Official App in the store or Mobile site, depending on your Device and Country

Big Fish Casino review

Big Fish Casino is available for both Android and Apple device users, and can easily be linked to your Twitter or Facebook account so your friends can see just how much of a high roller you are. Apple iOS users can also tie their Big Fish Casino account to their Game Center account on their iPad or iPhone so they can track their gaming progress. The slots in Big Fish Casino will really have you spinning with a huge amount of options and bonuses available. With over 10 million downloads from the app store, Big Fish Casino is a monster catch!

This sweet app also offers an impressive chat screen feature that allows players to talk in real time. If you’re feeling generous, you can even use your chips to buy fellow gamers a virtual drink! The multiplayer feel of this gambling app really shines through. Big Fish Casino really excels on tablet devices, as the loud screen feels a bit compact on iPhones or Android smart phones. It still is one of the best multiplayer casino apps in the Google Play or Apple App Store, but if you have a tablet, then this is one casino you should definitely head to.

Big Fish casino on iPhone
It’s almost like you’re in a real casino, that’s the experience you’re signing up for once you download and play Big Fish Casino, made by Big Fish Games Inc. It’s free to download onto iOS and Android, and is recommended for ages 12 and up. It might be an app that revolves around playing casino games on slot machines, but don’t worry; there’s no real money involved. You play for virtual chips, and generally just for a good bit of fun. The look, feel and design of the games are all very stylish. On top of that, the sounds are so immersive you’ll truly get the feel of being in a real casino.

Compete with people all around the world

Big Fish Casino is the best app if you’re interested in free spins and bonus rounds so that you can earn more. It’s a rewarding app, and it’s available for tablet, smartphone and iPad. You even get a sign-up bonus: free virtual bonus chips that you can spend however you like. If you ever get tired of the features, there is an option to upgrade the app to unlock more features. You can play live with people all over the world, and play the free bonus games with them. Despite Big Fish being a free-to-play game, you’ll surely still feel the pressure of large prize pools and a real casino environment. They’ve done a fine job making sure of that.

Big Fish Casino
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4 Replies to “Big Fish Casino”

  • Joseph Cancino says:


  • the true truth says:

    most expensive app I’ve ever seen or played
    winning odds are at 0.01%
    as soon you buy one time it leaves packets on big fish casino server so that your winning odds even get lower so the more you buy the more you loose
    only brand new players can hit and once they see you log in more than few times your winning odds will start to shrink less and less and less to the point that you will need to spin 1M times to be able to hit once
    costumer service is extremely bad if you email them or it will take them a week to reply and if they reply your not talking to a real person its all copy and paste emails
    and their facebook app page is all about kiss ass if u write something negative or you get banned from the game or you get banned from facebook page
    for $100 if your not a high vip you will get 7.5M chips thats if there is an x3 sale that it worth 7 spins if no sale is on you get 2M For a $100
    don’t think in Your head 2M or 7.5M is a lot of chips coz ITS NOT in the game that would last you less than few seconds unless you are playing in the low end slots where none plays
    the social slots are the high end slots
    5 stars for graphic design
    0 stars for the in game prices

  • rick lundrigan says:

    Absolutely the worst casino game. Never win and if you do you will not win again until you are broke. Do not buy chips from these people they are thieves and never give credit back if anything happens. I have hit multiple time where I should have been paid over 100 million chips and I get booted out of the game after I hit and never get my chips.when I tell them about they will never credit me or ever respond back. They need to be in prison because they are scamming people. When I wrote on my status on the game that they owed me chips they put a block on my status.highly suggest not playing or buying chips from big fish unless you like being screwed and robbed.i had over a 100 million chips this week and at 54k per spin never hit one time so that should tell you the odds of winning. They will tell you the odds are the same as a casino…not true I suggest you go to a casino where you win cash and not give cash to a guaranteed thief such as big fish. YOU WILL NEVER AND CAN NOT EVERVWIN THIS GAME AND ITS NOT EVEN A GAME ITS A SCAM. A GAME IS FUN AND YOU ACTUALLY HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN AND CAN WIN BUT HERE YOU WILL NEVER WIN OR GET PAID.

  • JaxieCat says:

    Don’t believe a word!! That was last year but things have changed. I’m a VIP member, I’ve been a player for 3 years. My first & second JP was 09/2016. There are days that I have to wait 30 minutes several times a day to have enough to play with, true, and when I win big it can take me as much as a week to be a pauper again.
    Big Fish Casino has brought many changes and lots of new games. Granted, the really fun ones use up a lot of chips, but no one wins all the time, so stop if you are losing! Do we do that? Simple answer, NO we don’t.

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