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The bWin Poker Clock can get you gambling like a pro in no time. The app is a real must have for any gambler, looking forward to play like a pro. With this app puts you in the shoes of pro gamblers, playing intense tournaments. The clock also lets you keep track of time as the game progresses on.

Compatibility and Interface

The app has a minimum requirement of iOS 3.0 or later versions. You can enjoy the app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices. The app also supports a number of languages including but not limited to English, Spanish, German, Italian and French.

The interface of the app is pretty straight forward. The app is not quite heavy on the visual effects, but still it is pretty good enough to do the job.

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The bWin Poker Clock allows you to time and play your Poker tournaments simultaneously. The app lets you enjoy splendid sessions of gambling, timed in a very professional way. With the app you can primarily enjoy two game modes:

  1. Quick Play.
  2. Expert Mode.

The quick play mode has all the setting predefined, you can directly jump into the games. If you want to tinker around with the settings of your games, the Expert Mode allows you to do so.

Expert Mode

This mode is where all the fun begins. You can fine tune your games, to the last detail for an intense Poker game. If you want to set the number of rebuys allowed on a tournament, or say the addon value, this mode helps you do so.

Select the type of tournament and you’ll be on your way to the game.


While the app does not have any advanced social capabilities, however, you can share screenshots and special achievements on any of your social media. This app also lets you add friends from your phonebook!

We found the bWin Poker Clock to be an effective addition to our arsenal of gambling apps and we do recommend you to try it out too.

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