”Country” von Sonderspiele

The “Country” von Sonderspiele app brings the exciting German gambling game format right to your mobile device. The app lets you enjoy the fantastic odds of winning, in an all exciting game format. The game has a very classy feel to it, taking us almost back to a decade to the 90’s.


The app is quite low on system requirements and is the least resource hungry. The app has a minimum requirement of Android version 2.2 or above, to run smoothly on your devices.

This app from Butterweich GmbH requires a modest 500 MHz processor and 512 MB of system Ram to run smoothly.


The app has a very simplistic design and interface elements. The interface aims at providing you with a no nonsense gaming and precisely does so.

The coloring scheme of the app is kept arcade like, with colorful elements. Winning jackpots lights up the whole interface, giving you a really special feel!

Country Von Sonderspiele 2


The “Country” von Sonderspiele app lets you enjoy the game of Country all day long. The app does not allow real money gambling yet, so all the gambles with this app are completely free! Some features we really liked in this app are:

  • Jackpot feature. This allows you to win more than you can ever imagine!
  • Yellow levels, red levels and blue country levels!
  • Set payout rates. Set your payout rates, according to your tastes!
  • Quick replenishment of credits, if you happen to lose all in a game.


The game being primarily a single player version, does not have much of multiplayer elements integrated into it. The social aspects of the app are quite limited with this app. While this app does not allow you to enjoy connecting with friends in social networks, however, you can share screens on your wall.

In all the “Country” von Sonderspiele app is quite a package, allowing you to enjoy the thrills on your mobile.

Country Von Sonderspiele 3
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