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Mojikan’s Kash Karnival
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Mojikan’s Kash Karnival is a casino app in a style we haven’t seen before. This game takes players to a merry and colorful fantasy carnival, where they canplay a wide variety of games, that are located in one of the two areas: the Adventure Casino and the Skill District.

Bet on Skill based games

It’s in this Skill District that we are treated with a never before seen gameplay. Because here, you essentially place a bet on your own skills, by betting on how you will perform in the games. Mojikan’s Kash Karnival combines skill-based action games with the thrill of betting.

When you start out, you’ll have access to one game only: Moji Mania. In Moji Mania players take control of a hover-board racer, in a click and drag style racing battle. Winning at this game requires you to knock enemy players off their platforms, before they can knock you off yours. While you progress in this, you receive experience points and reach higher levels and face more dangerous enemies. The more levels you complete, the higher your reward will be when you’ve run out of lives for your character.

Games Mojikan

As you reach higher levels, more games become available in the Skills District, such as the Tattooed Warrior and Kookie Kapers. Games vary from action runner style games to bubble burst and puzzle games. When you reach higher levels, you’ll unlock higher bets and difficulty levels, allowing you to increase your winnings more and more.

Casino games

Adventure Casino lets you play casino games, such as slot machine games and card games, starting with the Mt. Kashmore slot. An adventurous mountaineering- treasure hunting style slots game, that lets players hunt for treasure whilst avoiding volcanic activity from the mountain. adds a risk to the experience. Just like regular slot games, you change the height of your bet and the amount of their active win lines. Features like Auto-spin are also available. With each spin, you can earn Players earn experience points, allowing you to place even higher bets amounts.
Mt. Kashmore slot (above) and subgame (below)

Mt. Kashmore features a nice little bonus game in which you actually have to climb up the mountain, pick up treasure along the way, and try to escape before the mountain explodes. This requires you to hit the button at the right moment (which in turn requires an certain amount of luck). Escape in time and the treasures are your. If you’re still on the mountain when it explodes, you lose your winnings. As said, Mt. Kashmore is only the first available slot game. When you reach level 10, the next game become accessible, and so on.

In conclusion

Each game keeps track of your experience, progress and achievements, which is all saved into your player account. Mojikan’s Kash Karnival combines the fun of casual social gaming with the excitement of betting (and winning) that casino games offer. Mojikan’s Kash Karvnival is available on Facebook, and is free to play.

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Check out this Walkthrough on Youtube to get a glimpse of how to play Mojikan’s Kash Karvnival 

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