This is an unusual German game system that features three types of special games. To start and play, visit the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store and download this app onto your mobile device.

When looking at the games you will find that there are three types and that colour separates them. These are the red, green and blue. The reason that colour separates them is because they have to do with risk, and the differences in intensity make the risk more exciting.

Nightfall 2

The app also features a variety of lotteries, and these will be provided in the middle of playing one of the three games. This adds an intriguing element of surprise and gives twists and turns that will surely keep the player interested.

There are bonus arrows that appear in the game and these serve to help determine any risk that is to be faced. You can play this game on your Android device and eye phone, and enjoy being caught up in the mystery of it.

Look out for the Spiel Coins – they are free and fun to collect.

Nightfall 3
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