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Lovers of Poker, rejoice! It can often be a struggle to figure out how much chance you have to win, and if your strategy will play out in the end. Something that can help you with this is a Poker Odds Calculator, and this app is just that. It’s original, it’s unique, and it’ll certainly help you improve your Poker game. It’s developed by Edwurtle Software, and you can use it an unlimited amount of times after downloading. You don’t even need an internet connection for the app to run smoothly! Use the app to calculate odds or read helpful tips about the game, and then immediately apply them to the game of poker you are playing. It can help you outsmart your opponent. Is it cheating? Maybe. Will it help you learn the game better? Definitely. The app costs 99 cents. It’s available for download for your iOS devices.
Poker odds app

Helpful color indicators

You pay for the app once, and then you’ll never have to pay for it again. It’ll always be there; ready to be used on your device when you need help with your Poker game. Quickly calculate the odds of a “Royal Flush” or “Full House” happening, and it’s great if you’re playing against more than one person, too: Poker Odds Calculator lets you put in a maximum of ten people at once. The app knows so many kinds of calculations, it’s almost never wrong. To make it even easier for you, it uses color indicators. Green indicates that your move or position is weak or strong, and red means you’re not making the best move possible. The app is not suitable for children.
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