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The Sloto Lotto app is a free Facebook slots game that is being played by many people all over the world. Fans using iPhones can enjoy the fun and excitement of this game as it is available at the app stone. The Sloto Lotto app is a social game that will keep you glued to your mobile, and it comes with great rewards for the winner as well, both socially and monetary.
(The new name for this app is the SpinOlot app!)

Coming in different languages, the Sloto Lotto (or SpinOlot) app is not meant for just a few social game players but for all people that would want to share in its excitement all over the world. You have a chance to choose a language that you best understand so as to increase your chances of enjoying the fun and also winning. This is the ideal game for grownups as you must be of legal age to play.

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SpinOLot or Sloto Lotto is available on all platforms, including Android and iOS. For iOS players: This app requires iOS 4.3 version and later, and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The app has been optimized for iPhone 5, and this means that everyone is well accommodated to enjoy this incredible game!

Social gaming is not just intended for monetary benefits but also for the social benefits. Meet millions of players online and enjoy the fun together as you interact socially for other social benefits. When it comes to monetary benefits, know that you stand a chance to win lots of money by playing the Sloto Lotto app. Download the app now and log in with Facebook for fast registration, and then you can start enjoying the excitement.

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