World Series of Poker app

Poker game with a pleasing design

With the free app “World Series of Poker”, made by developer Playtika LTD, you can play poker on your tablet, iPad, smartphone and iPod Touch. The game is available for both iOS and Android, but it is only meant for those over 21. World Series of Poker is mainly an excellent way to learn poker, because it has a lot of nifty tips and tricks that gradually guide you through a game of poker, which means that the beginner poker player will quickly learn its way around the game. Playtika LTD has made poker even more interesting with this app, because the attractive design of the game itself makes you never want to put it down.


Waiting times are very short after a game

World Series of Poker is an excellent game for those learning about poker, or those just interested in playing a few games. However, you should make sure you always have a stable internet connection. Without a stable internet connection, the app cannot contact the server, and you will not be able to play poker. After your game has ended, you won’t get annoyed by long loading and waiting times; finding a new game is almost instant. Why, you ask? Well, there’s thousands of other people all over the world playing World Series of Poker, so finding a match for a new game is fast. All in all, World Series of Poker is a game loved by many, mostly because of the neat look and user friendliness of this poker-app.


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